Jordan is one of the top countries in the world in terms of the classification  of solar radiation with a rate of 5.6 KWh/m2/day throughout the year, and  varies from one region to another. South of Jordan area is characterized  continued throughout the year and has an average of 6 KWh/m2/day.  So, Jordan classified as one of the highest annual daily averages of solar  irradiance in the world with an estimated 330 days of sunshine per year 



JAS was established to fulfill the needs of industrial and domestic power  requirements. It believes that the renewable energy and especially  photovoltaic is the solution of the power problems. 










JAS is looking to deliver the best integrated product and services in terms  of quality and prices. Also our location uniqueness allows us to offer the  best after sales services, solar energy isn’t just our business, it’s our  mission. 



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